II International Congress on Asian Tourism

«The impact of Asian Tourism in Europe»


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On the 7th and 8th of February 2011, Barcelona will host the second edition of the International Asian Tourism Congress.

In the current edition, experts of the sector will analyse Asian tourism towards Europe under different segments, such as sport tourism, incentive and congress tourism (MICE), luxury and shopping tourism or cultural tourism.

Aspects to be taken into account and measures the sector should take to adapt to the specific needs of Asian tourists will also be approached from the point of view of destinations and infrastructures.

In addition, importance will be given to the strategies and channels used for the promotion of Asian tourism towards Europe, as well as new technologies, Internet and social media.

The congress is addressed to companies of the hotel and catering field, tourism teachers and students, tour operators, airlines, people in charge of tourist and cultural tourism of the public and private sector and all those entities and people interested in Asia as an issuing market of tourists.

We inform you that on the 21st of February you can consult the presentations and the authorized recordings of the Congress at the microsite of the event:www.casaasia.es/congresoturismo. We also inform that a Report is being prepared with the content and conclusions of this second edition.

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