Barcelona, 25th and 26th of September 2008
Av. Marquès de Comillas, 6-8
08038 Barcelona

Asia is at present one of the driving forces of the tourism industry. The continent is home to over 50% of the world’s population however up until recently it was not considered an appealing outbound market due to the low incomes and slow development. Nowadays the outlook has clearly changed. In addition to the Japanese and Korean who have been traveling to Europe for decades now, the Chinese and Indian are begging to travel as well. The populations of these two countries combined add up to 2.500 million people, reason for which the WTO forecasts India and China will become two of the most important tourism outbound markets over the coming decades. On the other hand, last year Asia welcomed already 20.6% of the total international tourism an increase of more than 4 points from the year 2000 (16.2%)

In this context, the Ist Congress on Asian Tourism will be held in Barcelona on the 25th and 26th of September 2008 with the goal of:

  • Highlighting the opportunities the Asian market represents for Spain through the analysis of the demand, need to adapt to the new markets and tourism growth forecasts.
  • Gather the opinion of the heads of promotion boards and the tourism distribution channel in order to share experiences and best practices so that all the European tourism industry can benefit of the potential Asia has to offer.

The Congress is addressed to hotel companies, tour operators, airlines, restaurants, retail trade, heads of promotion and cultural boards of the public and private sector as well as those interested in Asia as an inbound or outbound tourism market.


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