IV Congrés Internacional sobre Turisme Asiàtic

IV Congreso Internacional de Turismo Asiático

“Turismo asiático, Turismo de calidad”

23 y 24 de noviembre de 2015. Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau


The 4th edition of the Asian Tourism International Congress will be held in Barcelona on the 23rd and 24th of November, under the title “Asian Tourism, Quality Tourism”.

Asian tourism offers many interesting benefits to destination cities: high level of expenditure, traveler safety, gastronomical and local customs, and much more, resulting in quality tourism with a great growth potential.

Well-known international experts will analyze fundamental aspects of Asian tourism in Europe, thus allowing companies of the sector and tourism promotional agencies to adapt their products to more tourists.

Issues to be discussed during the Congress may include:

  • What do the most popular European destinations do to attract Asian tourists?
  • How do the tourism industries of Europe and Asia reach their clients to offer them a fine product?
  • What are the main destinations for Asian tourists, and what is the profile of said tourist who visits Europe?
  • How does social media affect branding, and how do tourists hire products online?
  • How should I adapt my product to result in a positive experience for the Asian client?

On the first day of the congress a plenary session with different roundtables will be held where suggested questions will be answered.

On the second day several training workshops will be held, giving practical aspects related to Asian tourism, which is one of the novelties of this fourth edition.